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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Hydra Cooler 17 - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

After a week of vacation from...ourselves, Jen takes it upon himself to throw up. Emily is joined this week by her friend Kay to discuss All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues. As always we have some great listener feedback. If your worried that this podcast is too short,Jen will be back with a few friends next week to discuss "Whatever the Case May Be". Because I am sure you know how little we'll be talking about that episode next week (cough kate sucks cough), drop us a line at 206-338-6282, or email us at (or attach an mp3 file to that same address) Thanks for listening, and have a great week!


Nicole's Lost said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog, much appreciated!

Yves said...

Ji, love your podcast and been a listener for a long time. This is my first post to you guys.

We all know that Sayid was in the republican guard and interrogated prisoners. He was charged to interrogate Nadia as well but managed to save her. Finally, Sayid got commissioned by the americans to continue interrogations, to be discharged at the end by an Officer named Kevin. That same man ended-up later with Desmond in the Swan station on the Island.

We also know that Ben time-traveled to the Sahara (where some polar bear was discovered by Charlotte), and went on for Iraq to find Sayid (for what we know). We also learn that Ben has been to Iraq before.

Why do we have so many things happening in Iraq, without any specific link to the Island itself except the polar bear and people. What is so important about Sayid and Nadia?

Here is my theory: Nadia was not a prisoner of the republican guards and Sayid was lied to when told he worked for the republican guard. These men were probably hired by Widmore to find people who could tell him where the Island is. Widmore knew about the polar bear in the Sahara, and about Ben visiting Iraq.

Sayid was only supposed to crack down Nadia, and then someone close to Widmore would have got the information from her. When Sayid liberated Nadia, everything went to hell for Widmore.

Kevin walks in, and uses Sayid for interrogations. Not because he needs his talents, but because he wants to know if Sayid learned something about Nadia. Kevin probably works for Ben, and Nadia knew Ben and worked for him too apparently.

Later on, when Sayid finds Nadia and marry her, she gets killed by Widmore's people. Not to hurt Sayid (why not kill Sayid??) but because they wanted to shut her up about the Island, now that she could not be of any help for Widmore's search.

I never heard this theory before, and it seems to fit the events very well. What do you think?
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