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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Hydra Cooler 16 - Raised By Another

We are joined this week by our friend Adele who helps us discuss Claire and many other things. We apologize for the lateness of the episode and will not be recording this weekend but we will be back on track by next. Don't forget to vote for the episode rating on the blog and visit the network at where you can find lots of fun podcasts about varying topics.


Anonymous said...

Adele is great, she brings a very light atmosphere, Emily is great as always and Jen who?no just kidding, the three of you play off each other very well. Very enjoyable episode

Zephieyuyu said...

Just a first time trip out of lurkdom to confirm that, yes you do have Aussie listeners and that only fancy people call them drapes around here and Claire doesn't seem to be part of that fancy genre. I am totally with adele about Tom looking like Ben. I think when he was younger he time travelled to the future to produce an offspring knowing that he couldn't concieve with anyone on the island. Hence the desperation to get Claire onto the island and to get hold of Aaron ( no we don't call him Owen here). Maybe Ben time travelled to see Danielle too, I'd love to see if there is any similarities between Rousseaus husband and Ben.