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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hydra Cooler 22 - Outlaws

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: Okay, so the title is just a stunt to get anyone who missed Jen to come and listen because with a new Hydra Cooler brings the return of Jen Join Jen and Emily as they discuss Outlaws and go over some great feedback. So drop us a line at 206-338-6898, or email us at Thanks for listening, and have a great week!


Silly Cinema said...

Hi. I really enjoy your podcasts. You were talking about Jack's original role on Lost. I've read from a couple of different sources that early on Michael Keaton was originally signed on to play Jack. They were going to set Jack up to look like he was going to be the hero for the series, but then kill him off in the pilot to give viewers the feeling of unease that anyone could die, even the biggest name star who seemed like the main hero. The original plan was that Kate would actually be the focal point. As they approached closer to production, the creators evolved the character of Jack and decided to keep him as the main hero. When Michael Keaton was told it was going to be a long-running role instead of the small role he original thought, he withdrew from the project and Matthew Fox was given the part. Keep up the great work. Always look forward to hearing you.

Amy said...

I have my just listened to your latest podcast. Sadly, I think this may be my last listen. I was excited to hear Jen again, but Emily's numerous tics, constant interruptions, and Tourette's level blurting of inane irrelevancies are too much to bear. Too many inside jokes and not enough knowledge. The "Jack was supposed to die" story is common knowledge, told and retold in various sources including especially the 1st season DVD extras. Jen's thoughtful observations are drowned out by his squeaky partner. If Emily cannot rein herself in and demonstrate some skill, why waste your time listening to her?

Anonymous said...

Hey amy, just so you know, no one agrees with you, so you can leave stupid comments and ituns reviews in order to be mean and hurtful but it only makes more people listen and makes more people disagree with you. If you dont like the show, then dont listen, if you can take time to write totally disrespectful reviews then why not send a courtesy email and tell the hosts what you think they could improve on. Otherwise you make a podcast and show us what yo can do! (people that cant do, criticize.)