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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Hydra Cooler 13 - The Moth

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Jen is back from surgery but is still a bit loopy. But, Jen and Emily are back on track with lucky number episode 13.

THis week we give a quick review of the Dark Knight, discuss this week's rewash "The Moth" and hear some great listener feedback. We hear part one of Donald's epic Lost and Found, and wrap it up with this weeks Lost-A-Like, where we review Doctor Horrible's Sing along Blog.

Next week we will rewacth Confidence Man. Watch it with us and drop us a line about the episode or whatever you'd like. You can call us at 206-338-6282. Send an email or attach a mp3 to our email at

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1 comment:

Karell said...

Hi guys! I really enjoy the show ... but stop teasing me with the Red Dwarf Lost-a-like! I really wanna hear it, but you keep putting it off ... trying to make sure I keep listening? ;->

Also, I loved the song at the end of this episode ... please post a link!