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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Hydracooler 02 - The Shape of Things to Come

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On a rather late episode of the Hydracooler Podcast, Jen and Emily discuss the episode "The Shape of Things to come,"

The only thing we really promise you is that this show may just be better then the last show. It's not saying much, but you do what you can do. Have a great week, and thanks for listening!

We'd love to hear from you after this weeks show. So call us up at 206-338-6282 or email us at

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Jay said...

I dig your podcast (well all two of them so far). Much less douchey that those pretentious D-bags on Transmission. And I also like Emily's awkward teenage voice and I mean that it a good way, it's completely original.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Hey thanks!

But, I have to disagree. I love the Transmission. it's well produced, well prepared, and has some great theories.

Just for the record, we know that there are alot of great people adding to the Lost community. We are not trig to compete with anyone. We are just here to have some fun, and talk about a show we love.